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Our Inspiration Ideas page

We love sharing our inspirational interior design ideas with our followers. You’ll love the great blog posts we have here to inspire you to try something fresh and new in your home. With our tint, tips and advice you’ll be able to expand your horizons and try a little experimentation. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your living room, bedroom or bathroom we have them all covered.

Take a look through our posts below:

10 Creative Uses For Your Conservatory

1# Sun Room Terrys Fabrics Conservatories are usually situated on the south side of homes, although today, with double glazing, they can be placed anywhere space permits. Sun traps, a standard conservatory is perfect for giving you warmth all year round, more especially if it has heating for the winter months. 2# Playroom Vivaldi Conservatories…Read More »

10 of the Best Home Office Ideas For Men

Men have specific needs when it comes to décor; this is especially evident in a home office where making the distinction between home and work life needs to be evident. Typically a no-nonsense approach is preferred, although not always the case. Colours tend to be darker than those chosen by women, blacks, blues, browns and…Read More »

12 Unusual Multi-functional Furnishings For Small Spaces

With many homes becoming smaller the need for multi-functional furniture and furnishings has never been needed more. Designers continue to produce some amazing and unusual multi-functional items to help make the most of the limited space available.   Trend Hunter This amazing lamp chair provides comfort and plenty of light in one piece of furniture.…Read More »

Gender Friendly Interior Design

In these days of equality it seems that it’s longer okay to have décor which is dominated by the stereotypical colour schemes which separate the men from the girls. Gender friendly interior design are the buzz words on everyone’s lips – and rightfully so! There’s some fabulous colour combos to use that will keep even…Read More »

10 of the Most Amazing Things to Make From Your Old Books Now That You Have a Kindle

Why take you old books to a charity shop when you can turn them into amazing things for your home. You may want to keep some of your most loved books, maybe you’re on a complete de-clutter and want to use the space taken up with copious numbers of read books, after all you have…Read More »

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