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If you want to achieve a much more eco and environmentally friendly way of living, going green in the home can be really easily achieved simply by incorporating a wide variety of things from recycled natural materials to create unique furnishings and accessory pieces to eco friendly handcrafted items. Things like this can bring together a much more organic contemporary modern home interior and way of living and hopefully our articles will inspire you in your journey to do so.

2016 Summer Interior Design Trends – Return of Rattan

Most rattans are a ‘green’ material. They are used to make furniture that is strong and durable. Rattan makes a great alternative to hard woods as is grows much faster, providing employment and business opportunities for loggers as it requires fewer tools to harvest, and is far easier to transport. However, if you want to…Read More »

2016 Interior Design Trends- Bringing The Outside In- Living Furnishings

Embrace on of this year’s biggest interior design trends, Bringing the Outside In, with some imaginative ideas of living furnishings. This isn’t just a matter of putting plants in pots, get creative, think outside the box and be inspired to grasp the concept head-on. Decor Advisor This concrete table has little pockets on the top…Read More »

2016 Interior Design Trends- Bringing The Outside In- Living Walls

Carried over from last year the trend ‘Bringing The Outside In’ continues to gather momentum. Today we take a look at living walls. Once the ‘domain’ of public spaces and work places, living walls are bang-on trend in the home. From full walls to creative living art works and room dividers having a growing, living…Read More »

Extraordinary Feature Walls Using Natural Materials

Using natural materials in the home is not a new phenomenon, yet the move to go green and incorporate their use continues to gather in momentum. There is little doubt that synthetic materials have, and continue to revolutionised our lives, and yet the need to take full advantage of natural materials remains high on most…Read More »

Living Inside a Tiny Eco Home

We showed you some amazing tiny homes Incredible, Tiny Eco Homes, and many of you have asked about the inside. In this post we answer your curiosity and show you a sneak peak of what it’s like living inside a tiny eco-home. Lush Home This eco home may be small, but it’s full of all…Read More »

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