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Into the latest electronic gadgets, games, home media accessories or just creating a modern entertainment space within your home and want some insight into what’s exclusive right now? You’re sure to come across a collection of interiors articles to suit your personal tastes and interests here, giving you a peak into the latest home entertainment room idea’s , games and media room layouts and styles to maybe bring into your own home.

BBQ Gadgets You Shouldn't Be Without This Summer

May is officially BBQ month and with the mercury rising nicely across the country, the unmistakable aroma of barbecues can be smelt wherever you go! Give your BBQ some style this year by using some of these cool gadgets. Bobvila Don’t spend valuable drinking hours trying to find where you left the flipping tool or…Read More »

5 Ways To Host A Dinner Party When Your Don't Have A Table or Chairs

Dinner parties are hot to trot this year, so what do you do when you want to host one but you don’t have a dining room table or chairs? We suggest 5 ways of overcoming the problem. English Stack Exchange 1# Floor seating and a cloth for a table is an informal option when you…Read More »

Wet Bars….Do You Need One?

Wet bars are small home bars that have a sink with running water, so that the speed of serving alcoholic drink and washing glasses is increased. So what makes them different from your kitchen sink? Well, if you want to impress then they are one of the latest interior design trends and a ‘must-have’ addition…Read More »

The Ultimate House Guest Prep List

Having guests to stay during the festive season doesn’t have to be a stressful time if you plan ahead and have everything they need accessible. Although it’s not a military operation, ensuring that you have some sort of order in your home will go a long way to making your life easier and your guests…Read More »

Celebrate Thanksgiving Without A Tacky Turkey On Your Table

Not everyone likes turkey! the same goes for table decorations, sometimes turkey can be tacky in every sense of the word! These table decorations are a more subtle and elegant way to adorn your table this Thanksgiving. Math Morph This beautiful centre piece oozes high-class and elegant sophistication. Decoist Sometimes simple means striking and that’s…Read More »

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