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The Power of Plain!


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Plain doesn’t have to mean bland or colourless; and playing it plain with block colour is a powerful decorating tool that is never out of fashion and always On-Trend.

Let’s face it life without colour would be pretty black and white wouldn’t it?

Not that there’s anything wrong with black and white, that’s a classic combination that looks stunning too, but colour came with creation and it plays an undeniably massive role in our lives.

We need colour in our lives to function, to identify things, to direct us, to keep as safe and for lots of other reasons; but choosing colour to inject into our lives, be it for our clothing, the colour of our cars, our front doors or our interiors, is an optional pleasure and a privilege.

Colour defines us, identifies us, reflects our individual personalities, inspires us, soothes us and invigorates us; so it’s little wonder that we give it so much though and consideration when selecting it for our homes and interiors.

Using colour in our homes though doesn’t have to mean introducing a busy, multi-coloured, collection of patterns and prints. Playing the plain game means literally that! Stick to plain colours on your furniture walls and accessories and only introduce the level of pattern or detail that you’re comfortable with if you want to.

For example maybe a stunning piece of oversized wall art which ties in with your colour scheme (or even gives you the starting point for one?), or a patterned rug to pull a scheme together?

You can create stunning effects by keeping it really simple with monochrome or two-colour combinations, or you can be more adventurous and give yourself a wider and more varied colour palette.

Simply adding splashes of your favourite colour(s) with accessories is easy to do and easily changeable with the trends or the seasons, or even your mood.

So, whether your preference is keeping to a monochrome colour scheme or mixing riotous combinations of energetic and vibrant multi-colours; the decorating possibilities and stunning effects achievable when playing it plain are endless – and very hard to get wrong!

So break out the colour palette and have some stylish fun with the power of plain in your home!

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