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Inexpensive Bedroom Makeovers Using Voiles & Nets

Voile panels and nets can be used in an assortment of different ways in the bedroom. These inexpensive, lightweight curtains are ideal for a variety of decorating motifs including contemporary, Shabby Chic, Bohemian, Victoriana, and modern to name but a few.

The fluidity of the material lends itself beautifully for folding, draping and sweeping back, while at the windows voiles can be used to create wonderful diffused lighting effects and prevent prying eyes from seeing inside your home.

Because voile panel are so cheap you can give your bedroom a makeover without breaking the bank. Furthermore, today’s voiles are available in a wide range of colours to help set the scene you’re trying to achieve, along with pattern voiles to enhance your décor.


Unusual shaped windows can be difficult to dress, however, because voiles and net are so fluid and flexible you can bend them to fit odd shapes and different styles of windows.


Modern style privacy curtains are a must in any home. Voile offer a contemporary edge over the more old-fashioned net curtains when they are full length. Used in combination with standard full length curtains you’ll get all the daytime privacy you need. Be aware that once an internal light is switched on you’ll lose the privacy, so that’s the time to close your standard curtains!


Room dividers are bang on-trend in modern and contemporary homes. Many master bedrooms also include a free standing bath, having a lightweight voile room divider adds a touch of modest privacy without losing the spectacle or intimacy of having a bath tub in the same room you sleep in.


Romantic 4 poster bed curtains can easily be achieved using metres of cheap net or individual voile panels. You can make the four poster curtains as elaborate as you wish to suit your decorating motif.


Create a Boho style bedroom using length of fine net curtains or voiles. Drape and hang them to create a bedroom paradise that packed full of romantic, tactile fabrics in a variety of thickness’s (densities) and colours.


Diffused light effects and contemporary wall décor are easily created using voiles. As we’ve seen above full length voiles add a sense of privacy and due to their lightweight nature natural sunlight will filter into your bedroom during the daytime creating fabulous soft, diffused lighting effects. Similar effects can be achieved using external lighting, however, you must remember that your privacy will be lost.


Pure privacy and style is affordable using full length voile panels and curtains, which is particularly essential if your bedroom is on the ground floor. Allow for plenty of natural folds in the fabric to give your window a voluptuous and stylish look akin to the poshest hotels.

It’s time to give voiles the place they deserve in your home. If you don’t want to use them to dress your windows use them to add an extra dimension to your bedroom. They are so inexpensive you can swap and change them as often as you want, or simply when you want to update your bedroom without the expense of a complete makeover.

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