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5 Fabulous Budget Bedroom Ideas

Most of us would love to sleep a designer bedroom. We’ll show how you can achieve the look without the designer price tag attached in these 5 fabulous ideas.


Paint and wallpaper are an expense that you don’t need if you go for a modern style. Exposed brickwork is beautiful in its own right, so just clean it up to remove excess dust and debris. Likewise beds can be a huge outlay, making your own from used wood pallets is bang on-trend and relatively easy to do with minimum DIY skills required. There’s plenty of places to source used pallets, you may be able to get them for free if you scout around!

Plain bedding is cheap and gives an instant designer look. Add wall storage boxes to tie-in with the bed and add a trendy tripod lamp to coordinate the look. Plain flooring is another on-trend look, but for warmth and added style a statement rug is the ideal answer.

The key factor in getting this stylish look is to keep the room clutter free!

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Similar to the style above, this look is fresh and modern. It’s achieved on a budget using plain walls, cheap Roman blinds, a basic bed with a hand-made statement headboard made from unfinished composite wood board. You can add you own personal touches, such as a garland of pompoms, LED light strip, photographs, or cover the board wit cheap fabric, whatever you want!

Metal storage shelves are an inexpensive alternative to a chest or drawers; while blue bedding adds a touch of colour, you can use any colour you want, but keep it purely to the bedding to get the look.

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Just like plain walls using brickwork, even if they’re breeze blocks or any other type of stone, as a feature wall is an inexpensive way to make a statement in a room. This simple decorating style is ideal if you’re on a tight budget, it’s also an ideal decorating motif for lost apartments in renovated buildings.

Burnished gold is a great way to add a touch of glam to the room without making it look OTT. Full length ready made curtains are an effective way to dress large windows,. A large rug placed two-thirds under the bed gives comfort to step onto as you get out of bed and enhances the style without detracting from the statement wall.

Striped bedding adds a flash of colour, with orange, brown and earthy tones highlighting the brickwork beautifully. Add a modern floor lamp and lean a picture against the wall to get the look.

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No other colour screams cool sophistication than white. This classical neutral is a great colour choice that can be used solely on its own or as a base for pops of colour. White paint is the cheapest on the market, so using it for walls is a cost effective way to start the look. Like the other looks above a rug is a fabulous way to add style and comfort without the expensive of fitted carpets – far trendier too!

Pendant lights and plain white bedding should be used to create the minimalist style. Add personal touches to bedside tables, along with a large statement feature on the wall and you’ll have a designer style room without the hefty price tag attached.

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Just because you’re on a low budget doesn’t mean you can’t have glamour and luxury. As the bed is the focal point in the room dress it up with gorgeous bedding and pile on plenty of metallic cushions and pillows. Include table lamps with a metallic coloured base to harmonise the look.

Dress the windows with full length voiles in white, they’ll add a touch of privacy and understated glamour to the room.

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