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Back to School Inspiration: The Academic Look For Your Home

The summer school holidays are over and children up and down the country are starting or returning back to school. For parents and guardians this means getting school uniforms in the appropriate school colours and styles. Today school uniforms aren’t always compulsory, yet most schools have a dress code that needs to be adhered to. Typically the uniform consists of four main pieces: trousers, skirt, shirt/blouse and blazer. The school tie is added, much like an accessory in home furnishing, and adds a splash of accent colour, and maybe a stripe patterned. Using the school look for inspiration creates a variety of decorating styles for your home. It is a look that suits modern, contemporary, retro and minimalist themes brilliantly.

Modern & Contemporary

Smart, yet a little more informal than a traditional school uniform, where black is replaced with colours such as grey or burgundy. Hints of accent colours bring a modern style that reflect a bright, cheerful disposition. In the home full length eyelet curtains bring a stylish look to windows. Eyelet curtains always look smart and neat when both open or closed. In the bedroom grey is the new neutral. It teams beautifully with white, just like a white school shirt or blouse teams well with a smart blazer. Bring accents of pink, blue or green via accessories to complete the look.


Steeped in history, the traditional school uniform comprises of a black and white colour scheme. The dress code is formal and allows no room for deviation. Usually there are two dress codes, summer and winter, where summer straw boaters and striped blazers are often seen. Within interior design black and white are winning colour combinations that suit a variety of decorating motifs, more especially traditional styles. Get the look by having plain white walls, using full length black curtains, cushions and accessories to compliment a room that is visually well organised and well balanced. Use a combination of blinds and curtains as the window dressing to evoke the look of a waistcoat under a jacket.

Old School

Black flowing robes, mortar boards and school house ties are conjured up by old school, think along the lines of Harry Potter and Hogwarts to get the inspiration for creating an old school look. Full of mystical magic, black bedding and a mixture of old style lamps in black, create a bedroom that teenagers will relish. Add customised window blinds with images of chemistry flasks and your teen can dream of mixing spells and potions in the science lab.


University and freshman styles continue to be popular themes for young person’s bedroom. It has an informal, relaxed style with distinctive hints of Americanism. Bedding depicting American schools, and the flag take centre stage in this theme. Personalisation is achieved by adding sporty, baseball, soccer etc. accessories.


In reality no body likes to go back to school, but it really is a great and rewarding experience. It helps us to learn new things, expands our horizons and makes us the people we are going to be for the rest of our lives. Plus, as this blog proves even in later life school still has the power to inspire us, from the simplest of home design choices to a lifelong love of learning. So as your children make their way back to school, we urge you to remember your time at school, to look back on any fond memories or to reconnect with long lost school friends.


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