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10 Creative Uses For Your Conservatory

1# Sun Room


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Conservatories are usually situated on the south side of homes, although today, with double glazing, they can be placed anywhere space permits. Sun traps, a standard conservatory is perfect for giving you warmth all year round, more especially if it has heating for the winter months.

2# Playroom


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Children and their toys take up copious amounts of room! A conservatory is ideal to turn into a playroom. Add cushioned, child friendly flooring, window blinds to help keep the room cool during the summer and heating for the winter and your conservatory can make your home truly child friendly.

3# Kitchen Extension


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Kitchens can be made more spacious, light and airy with the addition of a conservatory. Natural light will fill the room during the day time, giving an ideal place to cook and prepare meals.

4# Dining Room


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The return of the dining room is high on many people’s agendas, however, many smaller modern homes don’t have a separate dining room; a conservatory is a great way to give your home a formal place to sit and eat without encroaching on your kitchen area or living room.

5# Sitting Room


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A place to sit, relax and unwind, a sitting room is perfect place to do just that. A place to read a book or simply have some quiet ‘me’ time an extra sitting room is the ideal answer for busy fanily households.

6# Breakfast Room


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Start the day with the a boost of natural light to set you up for the day, or sit and enjoy a cup of coffee without the formality of a dining room, a conservatory is the ideal place.

7# Office


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Working from home or having a place for a home computer is becoming the household norm, but when you don’t have a spare room to accommodate this a conservatory steps up to the plate perfectly.

8# Games Room


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Give your home a games room using a conservatory. Typically large enough to house a small snooker or billiard table, darts board and even a table tennis table, you can give all ages of the family a place to play.

9# Gym



Modern lifestyles include keeping fit by exercising. If you don’t fancy going out to a gym convert your conservatory into your own home gym by installing the equipment that benefits your workout routine the best.

10# Meditation Room


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Peace, quiet and solitude, a conservatory as a meditation room is ideal. Feel the warmth of the sun on your back, relish in natural light, open the doors to let fresh air in and you have all the basic requirements of a place to meditate without trying to make-do in a corner of another room.

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