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Benefits of Using Multicoloured Accessories

Choosing a colour scheme for a room is always subjective. Plains and neutrals undoubtedly have their place, especially in minimalist, contemporary interiors, and yet unless you know what you are doing using only one or two colours can become staid and boring.

A room with plain walls can be bought alive using multicoloured accessories, and of course multicoloured also means pattern, as the two go hand-in-hand.

Living rooms:

Plain coloured walls are the perfect backdrop for patterned curtains, cushions and rugs.


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Dining rooms:

The dining room usually screams out for pattern and colour and while the usual accessories can be used to bring vibrancy and pattern, you can also use, wall art, chairs and patterned tableware too.


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Back-splashes, rugs, window treatments and accessories can all be multicoloured as they will compliment the colour of your cabinets, including stainless steel appliances.


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 Terrys Fabrics



Multicoloured bedding is the easy way to bring a sense of coordinated colour which has designer styling appeal.



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Terrys Fabrics

Children’s rooms:

Children thrive on a feast of colours, igniting their imagination with visual stimulants. Themed room are great, but can change frequently, therefore a multicoloured patterned approach will last a few years longer. Alternatively revive or update themes using soft furnishings and accessories, which is far cheaper than a complete makeover.



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Terrys Fabrics


Go colour happy in the bathroom using multicoloured tiles, window dressings, and shower curtains. The bathroom is a great place to add a touch of whimsy too.




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