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Inspirational Ideas

Loving or Loathing The 3 Fs

Femininity, frills and flounces are considered by some to be a quintessential part of their décor and soft furnishings. The 3 Fs are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or hate them! Using them conservatively can add a feminine touch to a room, go overboard and you could find that your home décor ship is sinking.



Adding one flouncy colour coordinated cover to bedding can add a chic and stylish look to a bedroom.



Lovers of the 3 F’s will swoon over these drapes, that are somewhat reminiscent of a tiered wedding cake.



Blinging up baby includes adding as many frills and flounces to the cot as possible. Some people will go to any length to show-off their little princess.


Confetti Daydreams

Weddings are the place for the bride to let the 3 Fs steal the show.


Country Living

If you want frills in every room this ‘frills’ dinner service is ideal for display, and use, in the dining room.



Add frills via scrunched rosettes to your shower curtain to bring a feminine touch to the bathroom.3011b8df0da8a823_7780-w500-h666-b0-p0--shabby-chic-style-kids


Shabby Chic motifs are ideal for displaying your passion of the 3 Fs.


Lovely Decor

Add a frilly tutu style table cloth to give a table a touch of femininity.


She Knows

Alternatively remodel table lamp shades with an abundance of frills if you want to give all of your soft furnishings a 3 Fs makeover.


Fab Gab

Go designer with a bespoke frilly chair, even if you’re not a lover of the 3Fs you have to admit that this chair has visual appeal.


Imperfectly Polished

Go completely OTT by adding flounces and frills to an entire room to give it feminine appeal.

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