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Home Life

Only One Piece of Furniture Allowed

Could you live with only one piece of furniture in each room? Maybe you have such a small living space that this isn’t even an option it’s a ‘must do’, or maybe you want to minimalism to the extreme, whatever the reason I think it’s fair to say that not many of us could actually live with one item of furniture.



Transforming furniture is the obvious option and while many start off as one piece they metamorphose into the necessary components of modern living styles.



This transforming furniture piece provides storage and a mini desk, the only thing it doesn’t have is a chair, but there’s always the floor!




This multifunctional piece includes a hidden bed.



In the living room a comfortable sofa, a light, storage and a place for your pot plant is all wrapped up in this cool seating.



Face the challenge head-on by stripping your room bare with the exception of your favourite sofa.


Mobila Laguna

Add a sofa that has a place to lay down and you could manage to live quite comfortably with just this one item.


Home Tone

When you’re immersed in your game there’s no need for anything but a cool place to lay in the room.



Embrace minimalism to the nth degree and only have a bed in your bedroom.


Our Tiny House Plans

This piece of metamorphic furniture gives you a table, two chairs and a double seat, all neatly folding away into a cube.


Sit and Sleep

The KEWB must be the ultimate in flexible living, providing a table, floor cushions, that can be put pushed to make a bed, and a small storage area. It all fits together perfectly, resulting in a 3D cube.

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