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Interior Design

2016 Summer Interior Design Trends – Delft Décor

Gorgeous blue and white are the hallmark colours of Delft pottery and ceramics. Original Delftware, tin-glazed pottery, was first made in the16th century. The colours and patterns have been used in homes and public buildings over the century and this year it’s become one of the hottest summer trends. It sits well in many different styles of homes, including modern and contemporary.



To embrace the trend you don’t have to have an entire room dedicated to Delft. Remember that less is often more!



Renowned globally for the pretty tiles, using them as a splash back in your kitchen will bring a flavour of Delft décor without being overly fussy.


Moran Yachts

Create a stunning interior heavily influenced by Delft blue colour scheme and Delft patterns.


Lauren Grant Design

Add subtle Delft touches via well chosen accessories. Authentic Delft pieces carry a hefty price tag, but there are plenty of reproductions or pieces in Delft blue and white colours about that will give you the look without making a huge hole in your budget.


Img Fave

Delft china knobs are an effective way to bring the trend into your kitchen or dining room.



Delft tiles in a bathroom look stunning paired with both modern and traditional bath tugs and showers.



Go OTT and install a Delft inspired patterned toilet.


Reward Me

Give your bedroom a summer Delft makeover. use tiles to spruce up a bedside cabinet or add Delft inspired blue and white bedding.

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