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BBQ Gadgets You Shouldn’t Be Without This Summer

May is officially BBQ month and with the mercury rising nicely across the country, the unmistakable aroma of barbecues can be smelt wherever you go! Give your BBQ some style this year by using some of these cool gadgets.



Don’t spend valuable drinking hours trying to find where you left the flipping tool or your beer, wear a PitBoss tool belt.


PC Authority

Fed up with charred sausages and black burgers? Go healthy and use your barbie to cook pizza with this nifty gadget.


Restaurant Girl

Skewers can be fiddly, change to these cool GriillComb skewers instead to prevent your veggies from dropping through the grates.



The iGrill Bluetooth thermometer lets you join the fun rather than spend time wondering if your food is cooked properly.


Designs Swan

Get organised and keep all your BBQ tools close to hand without taking up valuable table space with this handy accessories holder.


Crooked Brains

Use this thermometer to make sure your guests don’t go home with anything more than happy memories and perhaps a hangover!


Expanded Dramblings

Get the smoky flavour without the flames with this Flameless Grill Smoker.



Not a real necessity but the burger brander gives your meat a personal touch.


Desaimica Food

Perfect for keeping the potentially bacteria from raw chicken plastering itself over you grill, this drumstick holder is a handy gadget to include within your BBQ accessory kit.


Architecture Art Designs

Add a touch of fun with this tacky mustard dispenser!


Like Cool

Let the Zorro in you show just how cool you are when barbecue cooking!


Electronic House

One down side of having a BBQ is cleaning the grill afterwards. Go smart and get a Grillbot to do the job for you!

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