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Awesome Indoor Bike Storage Ideas

With many people swapping four wheels for two they have to find somewhere safe and easily accessible to store their bike when they’re not in the saddle. Leaning your bike against a wall doesn’t look pretty, furthermore, it’s liable to fall over and become a real pain in the rear end! There are some awesome indoor storage solutions for bikes, whether you live in a fifth floor apartment or small town house, safely storing your bike can be accomplished in some ingenious ways.


Bonjour Life

Incorporate your bike within a shelf unit to store it in your front room or dining area without it falling over.


Wave Avenue

When you’re short of available floor space, suspending your bike/s from the ceiling on a pulley system is the ideal solution.


Not A Paper House

Turn your bike into instant wall art with this sleek storage solution.


Wave Avenue

Maximise the ‘wasted’ space under the stairs, by hanging your bike up.


Fast Co Exist

Pop your bike on top of a living room free standing storage unit. It’s a touch imposing, but it gets the job done nicely.


Home Designing

If you have a folding bike, popping it into a cupboard keeps it safe without being unsightly.


Not A Paper House

Make a statement and proudly display your bikes in this ‘Gravity’ stand.


Cool DIY Ideas

Non-folding bikes can be given a full sized cupboard for out-of-the-way storage.


Not A Paper House

Although not actually inside, this balcony wall mount system is a great storage solution for apartment dwellers.



Make your bike stand a focal point in your living area with this awesome stand.


Momentum MAG

Slot your bike into a wall-mounted bookshelf to get multi-function furnishings.

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