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14 Home Décor Ideas Inspired By Prince Album Titles

In homage to Prince these 14 ideas could be used as inspiration to capture his most popular album record titles as a lasting legacy in your home.

 Purple Rain (1984)

Probably the most popular of Prince’s song titles, there are many ways you can give your décor a touch of Purple Rain.


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Sign ‘O’ The Times (1987)

Released in 1987 Sign ‘O’ The Times gives you carte blanche to go retro or to use the title to bring you home bang up to date with the latest décor trends.


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Dirty Mind (1980)

Use your Dirty Mind to get décor creative in the bedroom! It doesn’t have to be yucky and sleazy, however, as your bedroom is your personal space you can do what you like with it!



1999 (1982)

Step back in time to 1999 and give your home a retro look.


Daily Desig News

Art Official Age (2014)

Use art anyway you can, in an Art Official Age home. Wall decals, old masters, home-made or bespoke, whichever you prefer there’s always a place for art.


Fresh Home

Lotusflower (2009)

Add a Lotusflower to your décor via wallpapers, decals and accessories.



Batman (1989)

Popular for children and adults alike, using Batman theme will not only honour the artist formerly known as Prince, but also your favourite superhero.


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The Rainbow Children (2001)

The Rainbow Children is the perfect title choice for a child’s bedroom, playroom of nursery.


Rhubarb Decor

The Gold Experience (1985)

Add The Gold Experience to your home to give it a touch of unadulterated luxury and indulgence.


Luci Living Design

Indigo Nights (2008)

Bedrooms deserve Indigo Nights as a colour scheme. this sensual, seductive colour creates sense of mystery.


Xoi Imagine

Diamonds and Pearls (1991)

Diamonds and Pearls are ideal additions to Luxe and Hollywood motifs. if you can’t afford the real things go faux to get the look.



The Chocolate Invasion (2004)

Chocoholics will love giving their home décor The Chocolate Invasion. Use the various shades of chocolate, creamy white, milk and dark, to create a monochromatic colour palette to drawl over.



Musicology (2004)

Musicology is ideal for those whose life revolves around music, irrespective of the genre.



Graffiti Bridge (1990)

Use Graffiti Bridge to inspire you to get creative on your walls and furniture.


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