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Can Too Much Colour Can Be Bad For Your Health?

Interior designers and colour experts tell us the use of colour is more complex than simply choosing your favourite tone and slapping it everywhere. Too much and you can easily get a look that annoying, even depressing, too little and bland, boring can make you feel under motivated and sluggish. The knack is to strike a happy balance and using colours that suit your personality and mood.


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Orange and yellow are often called feel good colours. They’re warming colours and when teamed with turquoise they can create a harmonious ambience that’s good for lifting depression and anxiety. The downside of these colours is they can come become a visual overload, leading to confusion and hyperactivity.


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Pale, sherbet and pastels are soothing and calming, however, when you use too many a room can become confused, leading to irritation.


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Bright fuchsia pink is vibrant and yet too much and you may find that your trendy room upsets the balance of relationships and when too much is used you can become irritable and tetchy.


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This room may be fun and vibrant, but using too many strong colours can lead to a room that chaotic rather than calming. These colours combos can over excite children and adults alike.



Sunshine yellow can have negative affects on your health because it’s over stimulating. You may like it one day and find it incredibly irritating the next. If you have a young family you may find that your baby cries more in this room.


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Magenta is excellent for reducing aggression, teamed with mustard yellow and you may find you become sensitive to criticism.


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Ideal for reducing stress, anger and anxiety, turquoise gives plenty of good vibes. Use too much and combine it with yellow and green and you run the risk of reversing the positive traits of the colour.



Purple and blue are surprisingly calming colours, making them perfect for creating a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. You should steer clear of purple if you suffer from depression and loniness.


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A riot of colour may be fun, but too many bright colours can make you feel irritable, confused and stressed.



If you’re feeling low and below par boost your mood by adding some vibrant colours. Sunshine yellows, oranges with hints of magenta should do the trick.

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