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Simply Obnoxious Or Awesome Baths?

We all love a long hot soak in the bath and yes, we’d all like a luxury bathroom. But when it comes down to what’s awesome and what’s simply obnoxious there’s some choices to be made! Take a look at these bath tubs and decide whether you’re going to drawl or shriek!


Celebrity  Homes

It may look spectacular to some, however, this version is definitely a love or hate scenario.


Maison Valentina

Koi bath is bling to the nth degree. Its design embraces Japanese culture, along with the Koi symbolises love and friendship.


If It’s Hip, It’s Here

Newton bath has its own very unique design that some may say is ugly rather than beautiful.


Deco Niche

Made from carbon and with its unusual shape this bath could be considered somewhat foreboding rather than beautiful.


IF Group

The Cleopatra bathtub is obnoxious! It may symbolise the wealth of the mighty Cleopatra who reputedly bathed in milk and honey, but this futuristic shell/egg shaped bath is ostentatious and looks very uncomfortable.


Most Expensive Journal

Designed by Luca Bojola, this boat-shaped bath tub is made from turquoise malachite complemented by its ornate, 24k gold-plated feet. It’s okay(ish) if you have pots of money.


Give It Love

This bath is so OTT it’s almost unbelievable!



Simply gorgeous or simply yuck? This luxury bath is made from rock crystal and doesn’t come cheap.


The Richest

Made from bronze with gold and silver accents this luxury bath is awesome. It costs over $75,000 USD. however, if you’re short in stature you may have difficulty climbing in!



How awesome is this sphere bath? Not sure about bathing in the front room and you certainly couldn’t lay down in it, but all-in-all it fun and quirky.


Home Edit

How obnoxious is this bathtub? Well, in my opinion it reaches the top of the list. There’s nothing remotely quirky, whimsical to get enthralled about. It’s reputedly the most expensive bathtub in the world, costing a whopping £1 million.


Maison Valentina

Oh dear, what were the designers thinking of! This luxury bath will surely divide opinions.


Daily Mail

Embellished with Swarovski crystals this orante and obnoxious bath costs £150,000. It’s okay if you have more money than sense!

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