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When A Crème Egg Simply Won’t Do

What are you having for Easter? Chocolate eggs or a bunny perhaps? Maybe a fluffy chick? Sometimes a crème egg simply won’t do! Get spoiled rotten this year or treat your loved one with an Easter gift that will knock their socks off, and make a huge dent in your pocket!



Dine in style and give your guests a golden egg or two to make your party go with a swing!



Splash the cash so to speak by trying to get your hands on one of the world’s most expensive eggs – a Fabergé one of course.


Decor and Style

Renowned for giving a surprise egg each year Peter Carl Fabergé was commissioned by the Russian Imperial Family to create a total of 54 different jewel encrusted eggs.


Home Made By You

This is reputed to be the world’s most expensive chocolate Easter Egg.


Home Made By You

This one also boasts to be the most expensive!


Luxury Launches

In modern terms this egg is encrusted with 1000 diamonds and said to be the most expensive in the world.



Move away from eggs and opt for the world’s most expensive Easter bunny.


Dreams Capes Boutique

Other masterpiece from the house of Fabergé for the Russian Imperial family.


The Digerati Life

This takes getting creative to the next level. this Holey Egg is a real egg that’s has been painstakingly pierced to create a stunning design.


Daily Mail

This is the world’s most expensive 22k Easter pudding made in a restaurant in the Lake District.

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