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Inspirational Ideas

Cool Bedrooms For Women Who Like To Go A Little Wacky

Bedroom décor should be calming…says who?! Women who like to go a little wacky and off piste with their décor will love getting inspiration from these fabulous bedroom schemes.



This bedroom has lots of sexy curves giving it a feminine touch. The cool colour palette is bang on-trend.


Lush Home

Add an illuminated fairy wing headboard and your room will be transformed into a magical place to sleep.


Retro Interiors

An overdoes of turquoise blue gives this scheme a wacky look that’s somewhat reminiscent of being underwater….probably not a good choice if you’re one of the unfortunate people who have had your house flooded recently.



Three dimensional décor gives this bedroom a cool, wacky appeal.



Pretend you’re a bird and snuggle down in your own nest to sleep if you like things to be a little different.



Circular beds have been around for a long time. They give a bedroom a quirky, yet stylish look that borders on a princess-style theme without being too girlie, girlie.


Lush Home

This floral scheme gives the illusion of sleeping in a summer meadow, so if you’re a flowery type you’ll love this idea.


World Inside Pictures

This may not be everyone’s taste, but if you want a romantic look with a touch of zany, this design will be right up your street!


LA News Talk

Sleep in a pod for ultimate tranquillity and peace. All white décor is highlighted with ‘living’ pendant lights.


Bedroom Design Ideas

Animal prints are on-trend, so if you want to go a little wacky with your bedroom décor go large and put yourself on a pedestal!

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