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Home Life

Easy Ways To Personalise Your New Home

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you do in your life. However, once you’ve moved in you may find that the rooms still feel like someone else’s home rather than yours. It’s easy to personalise the rooms, even on a tight budget and without having to get a paint brush out!


Real Simple

Throw some of your favourite colours in a room with cushions, throws and rugs.



Hang up your pictures to cover walls. if you don’t have any, try using cheap posters. They’re usually quite large and can make you feel at home. Photographs of family, friends, holidays etc. are another great way to make a room personal to you.



Change the lighting. Rather than use the central ceiling light, place table lamps or floor lamps in dark corners. This type of lighting is far less harsh on the eye and won’t remind you that the room needs decorating!


Fresh Home

Swap the window treatment. Go for blinds, blackout ones are good if your new home is in a town or city with busy night-life. Alternatively, embrace the new outside vibrancy and do away with traditional style curtains and opt for voiles. These lightweight panels will let the outside lights show through and give you the privacy you need.


Oak Furniture Land

Spruce up the bathroom by adding a collection of your favourite toiletries.


Fresh Freesia Ideas for all Seasons

Add flowers to bring colour and fragrance to the rooms. Freesias smell wonderful and aren’t too large and overpowering.


M First Home

Light some scented candles to rid the room of the previous owner’s smells – particularly useful if the house had pets living in it!


Arise and Shine Virtual Attendants

Change the room’s function. Just because your new home has a dining room doesn’t mean you have to put a table and chairs in it. Use it as a playroom, home office or anything that you want!

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