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Green Living

Incredible, Tiny Eco Homes

Small is definitely beautiful when you take a look at these incredible, tiny eco house designs. Packed full of the latest mod-cons or embracing a simpler way of living, there are plenty of choices if you want to lower your carbon footprint and make huge changes to your lifestyle.


Hi Consumption

The Eco-Perch can sleep up to four people if you use the bed in the living room. If there’s just the two of you, there’s a bedroom which is more secluded at the other end of the building.


Popular Mechanics

This incredible home is just 70 square feet. It has lots of opening to let light and give stunning views of the surroundings.


Trend DIR

This eco cottage is made from recycled steel and has a roof mounted solar energy generator. It is designed to withstand inclement weather conditions, including tropical storms.


Tiny House Talk

Designed to help people become eco-friendly this house has a host of energy saving features including composting loo, rain harvesting options and under floor heating.


Tiny House Swoon

Built from simple, local materials, this eco house uses wood for the structure and floor, with zinc for the roof.


Eco Chunks

The only thing missing from this tiny home is a bathroom, not sure how you’d get on living without a bathroom……build the home in the middle of nowhere and I suppose the local surroundings will be the nearest loo!



This home is more akin to an extension or stand-alone guest dwelling placed within your garden.


Tree Hugger

This Ecocapsule has running water, a place to sleep and organise a hot meal. Completely off the grid, it’s a compact dwelling for those who like their own company.


Design Taxi

This cute little home even has its own patio area for when things get on top of you inside!


Home Clout

Looking similar to a hobbit home this eco dwelling means there’s less space than an average home, but that also means it’s cheaper to run and there’s less cleaning!

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