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10 Most Expensive Christmas Embellishments

When money is no object you can indulge and in exquisite Christmas trees, and festive accessories. Ever wondered how much the world’s most expensive Christmas embellishments are? Read on to find out, they’re in no particular order of value or design.


1# Wreath

Created by Royal florist Pasi Jokinen-Carter, his 60cm wreath comprises of Laurus, Blueberry and Lingonberry stems studded with 32 diamonds and 16 rubies. It cost just under £3million, which works out at a staggering £250.000 per day over the 12 days of Christmas. The great thing is that when Christmas is over and the wreath wilts the gems can be used in bespoke pieces of jewellery.



2# Nativity Scene

Sold by Bergdolf Goodman, the nativity Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus is hand enamelled and embellished with Swarovski crystals. It cost a mere £2,225. That’s just under £185.50 per day over 12 days.


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3# Christmas Tree Skirt

Created by Jay Strongwater this Christmas tree skirt has hand embroidered gold silk and Swarovski crystals sewn onto it. It sells for just under £1,100. That’s about £91.50 per day.


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4# Bauble

Created by Embee Jewels of London with association with Hallmark Jewellers, this 18k white gold bauble is studded with 1,578 diamonds and 188 rubies. It costs £82,000, that’s a staggering £6,833 per day for 12 days. It may be lavish, but it was sold to raise funds for the UK’s leading autism charity.


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5# Table Christmas Tree

Created by Steve Quick this table top Christmas tree is made from 18k gold and dripping with diamonds. The star on the top is detachable, so that it can be worn as a pendant. It costs £331, 894. That’s an incredible £27,657 a day, if you only use for the 12 days of Christmas.


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6# Christmas Tree

Made of faux evergreen it stands in the lobby of The Emirates Palace hotel. It is 13 metres high and draped with gold and silver bows and lights. Its £7 million price tag is said to be due to the luxury jewellery items draped over its branches. Over 12 days the tree has a value of £583,333 per day.


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Made by chocolatier Paul Wittamer from the finest dark ganache, caramel, ginger and gold leaf it’s topped with a 3.63 carat diamond. It’s worth £159,309, that’s one very expensive mouth watering experience, of course you don’t eat the diamond!


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8# Christmas Star


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Created by 77 Diamonds, this magnificent star is encrusted with approximately 280 diamonds. The central diamond is flawless and can be worn as a necklace. It costs £615,000, equating to £51,250 each day, if you to wear it for 12 days over the Christmas period.


9# Crackers

Forget plastic toys and paper hats, the world’s most expensive crackers contain Cartier necklaces, luxury watches and the key to a luxury yacht. They cost £417,643,000, but that is for 6!


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10# Card

Made from calf skin, hand painted in 23 carat gold and adorned with rubies, emeralds, amethysts and diamonds, this Christmas card has a £6,395 price tag. If you looked at it each day for 12 days it will be the equivalent to gazing at £533 each time.

World's Most Expensive Card with 23K Gold and Rubies

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