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10 Amazing Home Projects That Cost Under £20

Get creative and make some note worthy pieces for your home. Take some inspiration from these amazing home projects that cost less the £20 to make.


1# Wall art


Bide Home

This amazing picture is made from cardboard tubes, the type you find inside loo rolls. It has to be one of the cheapest ways to create a piece f wall art that’s actually worth displaying in your home.

Estimated Cost: £9

Cardboard tubes £0.00.

Glue: £1.50

Frame: £5.00 from a bargain store.

Paint: £2.50


2# Pet Bed


Top Dreamer

Give your pet a place to sleep right next to your bed by transforming a chest of drawers into a bedside table for you and a bed for your pet.

Estimated Cost: £18

Chest of drawers: £5.00 from a boot fair, or use one you already have.

Paint: £5.00

Dog Bed Fabric £3.00

Dog Bed Filling: £5.00


3# Little Shelves


Exam Suites

Old spoons and ladles make stylish little places to hold bits and bobs.

Estimated Cost: £1.20 each

Spoons: £0.00 if you raid your grannies cutlery draw! £1.00 each from a boot fair.

Screws: £0.20 each


4# Jewellery Display


Buzz Feed

This is a fabulous way to make a necklace display.

Estimated Cost: £2.50 – £15.00

Wood: £0.00 If you go for a walk in the woods.

Door knobs: £0.50 each from a boot fair or starting from £3.00 from a DIY store.


5# Seat


Sad to Happy Project

Make good use of your old magazines by turning them into a comfy place to perch.

Estimated Cost: £14.50

Magazines: £0.00

Belts: £2.50 each from a boot fair or charity shop.

Cushion: £5.00

Base: Made from MDF off-cuts £4.50

Paint: £0.00 use any left-over paint you have!


6# Cork Board


Home Beauty and Beyond

Make a cork board using wine bottle corks – a great idea to drink more wine!

Estimated Cost: £8.50

Corks: £0.00

Glue: £3.50

Frame: £5.00 from a charity shop or boot fair.


7# Tea Light Holder


Sad to Happy Project

Make a sweet smelling tea light holder using stale coffee beans – they’re no good for grinding, but don’t throw them away!

Estimated Cost: £2.20 each

Containers: £2.00

Tea Lights: £0.20

Coffee Beans: £0.00


8# Vases


The Blissery

Recycle empty bottles by turning them into a fashionable way to display flowers. For best effects use odd numbers, 3, 5, 7 etc.

Estimated Cost: 5.00

Bottles: £0.00

Paint: £5.00


9# Micro Indoor Pond


DIY Home Life

How cute is this little micro pond! It will look gorgeous in any style of home.

Estimated Cost: £1.00

Cup: £1.00 from a charity shop or boot fair.

Plants: £0.00 if you ask people with a pond for some cuttings.

Accessories: £0.00 use ‘treasures’ you’ve found on the beach, in the woods or park.


10# Handy Holders


Scan Free

Add a touch of fun to your home by making these handy holders from old tennis balls.

Estimated Cost: £0.75

Tennis Ball: £0.00 use old ones.

Eyes: £00.75 or free if you draw them on.

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