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For Parents

Add These 12 Things To Your Home & Your Teens Will Think You’re Really Cool

Having teenagers at home can pose all sorts of problems! Add these amazing things to your home and they think you’re the coolest parents in the neighbourhood.


Earth Porm

Every teen would be impressed if you turned a room into a place to skateboard indoors.


Oddity Mall

Have a door that transforms into a table tenis table; great when they moan there’s nothing to do!


World Actuality

Include a dining room table with swing chairs and they’ll never leave home!


Impressive Magazine

Teens love to lounge around, so give them a place to do it in style where they won’t get in the way.

33 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

Why Dont You Try This

Give them an indoor sandpit so that they can wriggle their toes in the sand – it may be the nearest you’ll get them to a beach!


Apartment Therapy

Step back to the 70s and create a conversation pit in the living room. If they don’t use it you


Fresh Home

Get a dining room table that converts into a pool table. It’s a great way to get them to eat with the family.



Give in and get a pinball machine for the garage, bedroom or den.


Busy Door

Have a rock climbing wall in your hallway.


Lush Home

If they won’t share the sofa with you, get them into the front room by having a hammock. At least they’ll be in the same room!



A bespoke hanging chair in the living room may be the answer to prising them out of their bedroom.


Fresh Home

If you have a staircase slide they won’t stay upstairs for long!

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