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Green Living

Green House Plants for Small Homes

Just because you have restricted space or a small home doesn’t mean you can’t include plants. There are plenty of innovative ways to display plants without taking up valuable space.



Lush Home

Herbs are a great way to bring colour and function into your home. They are perfect for placing on the kitchen window sill or worktop.



Daily Tonic

An indoor portable hedge can be placed anywhere and moved around to make a screen or separate parts of a room.


Ghar Expert

Small cactus are perfect for small homes. Group them together or place them in straight lines for a trendy look.


Home Edit

This table has green plants growing from the legs; it’s a great way to add greenery to your home without it taking up valuable floor space.


Marvel Building

Make use of your ceiling by hanging air plants, they won’t take up space on shelves or floors!


Sai Gon Hoa

Or use air plants to make art for the walls.


The Knot Studio

Go retro and hang plants in macramé hangers.


Lush Home

Have a half goldfish bowl and half planter to save space.


This Is Why I M Broke

Use a moss mat in your bathroom. They are a great way to soak up moisture and give you a living plant.


The Best Decor

Plant moss under a glass-topped coffee table and have a stool covered with living grass.


Urban Gardens Web

Having a sustainable living wall in your eating area.

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