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10 Incredibly Cute DIY Projects for Girls

Girls will be girls, and there’s nothing quite like personalising your space. Here’s 10 incredibly cute DIY projects for girls, from tweens to teens.

1# Flower Lights


Oh Happy Day

These pretty flowery lights are made from coloured cupcakes and a string of plain fairy lights.

2# Hanging Jewellery Organiser


Craft Hubs

Use a wooden coat hanger to create a jewellery organiser. Just screw in a series of little hooks and eyes to hang necklaces and earrings from.

3# Pom Pom Rug


Craft Hubs

Make a pompom rug using ready-made pompoms, alternatively make lots of different size pompoms from scraps of wool.

4# Selfie Wall


Craft River

Create your own selfie wall. Use painted picture frames to hold the selfie-photos or just make a random large wall collage.

5# Chandelier Made of Bubbles


Tidy Tweet

Use clear plastic baubles, (the sort used to make your own Christmas tree decorations), tie them to varying lengths of fishing line to achieve an amazing bubble chandelier.

6# Custom Mirror


DIY Enthusiasts

You can use just about anything you like to make your own customised mirror. Chose painted clothes pegs, buttons, shells, old jewellery, etc.

7# Confetti


Not on The High Street

Actual confetti is a bit small for decorating walls. Make your own from pretty paper or ‘cheat’ and buy confetti wall decals or self-adhesive dots!

8# Coffee Cup With a Message


Pop Sugar

Get a plain coffee mug and use indelible ink or stencils to write a message.

9# Suitcase Pet Bed


So Creative Things

Use an old suitcase in a size that fits your pet. Cut the lid off, make sure there’s no sharp or snaggy edges left behind. Find a suitable filling, for example an actual pet bed or old duvet etc. and pop it inside. Your pet will love it!

10# iPhone Dock


Factotum of Arts

Make your iPhone a little beanbag to rest on! make a little envelop of rectangular fabric, stuff with little polystyrene balls (or anything else that’s soft and squidgy). Sew a little loop of ribbon on one corner to hold the lead. Nestle your phone into the beanbag so that it doesn’t topple over.

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