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Decorating Ideas For Virgos

Those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo have a dislike for clutter. Their homes are typically clean and orderly, with a minimalist approach. If you’re a Virgo, see if the following traits represent you!


All Contemporary Designs

Modern contemporary – natural materials, such as exposed brickwork and wood floors are perfect styles for Virgos.


Arcadian Home

White and neutral colour schemes, although hints of blues and yellows are also included as accents.


Sweet House Design

Mendaciously kept home, especially the kitchen.



Bright, colourful flowers – either fresh or as wall art.



Beautiful, unpretentious craftsmanship for accessories. For example exquisite pieces that are not garish or too attention grabbing.


The Holding Company

Organised and well stocked food cupboards, Virgos will typically have a 1st Aid kit to hand in the bathroom.


Thy Vintage Love

Personal space. Virgos love to have a place where they can rest and relax with a good book. A cosy reading corner is perfect for them.

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