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Get in Shape at Home With a Luxury Gym

No luxury home would be complete without a gym; whether it’s in the basement or annexe you’ll find that one thing they have in common is the fantastic state-of-the-art equipment, oh, and at least one very large mirror!


Total Gym Solutions

Basements are great place to have a home gym – if you’re going for luxury you’ll be able to have all the equipment you want, whether you use it or not!



Home DisGin

Having wall-to-wall glass doors allows plenty of fresh air in with the luxury of you not having to step outside in the rain, wind or snow!



Luxury means having all of the latest gym equipment and your own swimming pool.



Even if you don’t have a huge amount of space you can still have a luxury gym, complete with plasma television.


Home Stratosphere

If you don’t have room for a swimming pool a luxury jacuzzi is a great alternative.



You don’t have to include special machines in a home gym. Choose the pieces of equipment that suits your needs and place them in luxury surroundings – don’t forget the mirrored wall!


Home Stratosphere


Add a touch of fun to your home gym with power-busting wall art.



When money is no object, your personal yacht should also include a luxury gym – no excuses! If you don’t own a yacht you can always rent this one with friends (12 people max.) for a cool $185,000 (US) per week.


Modern Home Design

Take a minimalistic approach by having just one piece of equipment along with a wall-to-wall TV for inspirational viewing.


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