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10 Insanely Cool Custom Built Barbecues

The smell of grills will begin wafting across your garden as May is officially Barbecue Month! Warm weather tempts outside to begin the season of outdoor living – namely barbecues. Only the most dreadful weather will deter people from firing-up the barbies at every opportunity! From state-of-the-art gas barbecues, to those little disposable ones people will find and use anything to get into the spirit of the season; some people are so passionate about barbecuing they go to great lengths to custom-build their own. The ten below have to be some of the coolest custom-built barbies around!


The Very Best Top 10

Cut & chopping a car in half to create a custom-built barbecue isn’t new; it’s just that some look far cooler than others!


Funtimes News

This mean looking barbecue is amazing; it looks as if it really packs a punch so to speak.



How cool is this pirate ship barbecue? It’s awesome!


Mental Floss

This is some mean machine – perfect if you’ve got an old motorbike that just happens to be knocking around, simply give it a custom-paint job and fit a barbecue to it and you’re good to go!


Casa Bonita Imports

Put a little fun and a tiger in your tank into your al fresco dining with this cool barbecue.


Bobbys Best

Old metal barrels are ideal for transforming into a cool barbecue.



Find an old oil drum, spruce it up inside and paint it like a pig and you have a new meaning to the term ‘hog-roast’!



This cool barbecue is a cut above the rest in terms of chic style.


Mental Floss

My views on turning an old pram into a barbecue are somewhat mixed – it’s cool, but somehow too sinister for my liking.



This awesome Dragon Smoker barbie will certainly get the neighbours talking!

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