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Inspirational Ideas

12 Inspiring Bedrooms for Single Women

Chic, elegant, refined and absolutely gorgeous are just a few words to describe the way modern women chose to decorate their bedrooms. There’s plenty of uniqueness and personal touches that make them all special; be inspired, you may not want to replicate them wholly, but there’s sure to be little aspects you fall in love with!



Inn At Cascade

Beautiful soothing neutral colours create a haven of peace and tranquillity.



Building Material 365

Pump up the colour volume with vibrant turquoise and crisp clean white for a trendy look that’s perfect for today’s modern woman.




Pink and black are timeless classics that always create a chic and stylish look.




Fit for royalty, deep aubergine exudes refined sophistication and style.




50 shades of grey? This contemporary bedroom ticks all the right design boxes!


Modern bedroom interior.

About Home

Calm the ambience with a serene muted lavender and soft grey colour combo.



PF Grenada

Classical black and white has stood the test of time within interior design and it’s never been more appropriate meeting the needs of today’s modern lifestyles.



Building Material 365

Pretty pinks are perfect for women who like to show their true femininity.



Front Hoz

Give luxurious purple a modern edge by introducing an accent of zesty lime.




The purity of white is fabulous in bedrooms. The hints of black in the picture frames give it a lift without being too OTT.



Guata Crazy Night

Purple, irrespective of the shade or tone, appears to have replaced pink in the colour choice category for women.



ISY Decor

Soft cream with hints of muted turquoise give this stunning bedroom a hotel chic style that will suit any professional woman’s impeccable fashion taste.

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