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6 Easy Steps to Prep Your Patio For Summer

Apart from spring cleaning and redecorating it’s also time to think ahead for summer. Make the most of every warm day by having your patio ready and now is the time to get it ready.


1# Weed:

No doubt weeds are beginning to raise their ugly heads on your patio; strike now and stop them in their tracks before they take hold.




2# Wash:

It’s surprising how dirty patios become over the winter. Use a high pressure water jet the pario yourself or call in professionals to to the job for you.


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3# Repair:

If you notice crack in paving blocks, slabs or concrete get them repaired before they turn into major problems.


Todays Home Owner


4# Refresh Furniture:

Your patio furniture will probably need refreshing after its winter hibernation. Use a high pressure washer to make light work of the job if you can or good old fashioned hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush if not.


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5# Spruce up the barbie:

If your barbie is looking a little worse for wear and not very hygienic give it a good clean; there’s plenty of cleaning products on the market or replace it if you left it uncovered and it’s completely rusty!


Mr. Steam It



6# Add a touch of personality:

This year give your patio or decking some personality! Add lots of cushions, hurricane lamps, along with shades so enable you to sit out as often as you can.



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