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Embrace Decorating Month

April is officially recognised as decorating month. It was created, so to speak, to inspire people to improve their home décor, whether that be a complete make-over or a simple lick of paint to brighten their surroundings. As April sees the warmer weather it could also be that spring cleaning and decorating go hand-in-hand. The warmer weather also allows us to open windows and doors to allow the smell of paint to escape; anyway whatever the reasons, April seems a good enough month of the year to get cracking and give your home a fresh new look! Before you start it’s worth considering one or two points:

Preparation is key: Without the correct preparation you may find that your efforts are wasted. So take the time to do the prep, it will be worth it in the long run.



Paint or wallpaper? That’s up to you! A feature wall in paper is on-trend, so if you don’t fancy papering the entire room consider just one wall. It’s worth noting that thicker wallpapers can hide a multitude of ‘sins’, so, if you’re walls aren’t perfectly smooth wallpapers may be the way to go.





Grass Cloth Wallpaper

Make sure you have enough wallpaper & paint: Nothing will be more annoying than running out of either! Do some simple calculations to make sure you have enough.





Roller or brush? A matter of personal choice. Some people swear by rollers, while others prefer a brush!




Take tips from the professionals: They are the masters, so to speak, so take heed of their tips and advice; it may just save you time, effort and heartache!



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