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How to Keep Bedroom Peace – Do We Really Need These Bedroom Signs?

It seems that there’s a trend for marking our territory in the bedroom. It’s not just a case of keeping couples apart to prevent any ‘naughty’ happenings, as is the case with bundle boards, it appears that couples have the need to let their partner know whereabouts in the bed they should sleep and more importantly which side of the bed they should stay! Do we really need all the signs to keep the peace in the bedroom or is it just another fad that will be superseded by another within a year or two?



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Pillows indicating which side of the bed belongs to who; better than a nudge in the ribs!




A very stereotypical outlook in this household me thinks.


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Emm, I’m not sure this is wholly true; as they say “in your dreams!”


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You could always resort to having separate duvets to stop the ‘hogging the duvet’ arguments.



Step back in time and use a bundling board!

Modern double bed with bedside tables


Using a wall sticker to denote who has the lion’s share of the bed seems a little extreme.



Likewise for his and her demarcations on duvets.



A modern take on separate beds?

Couple Holding Hands in Bed

Daily Mail

Apparently if you want your relationship to succeed you should sleep in separate beds? Hmm, now is that worth considering….??

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