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Family Friendly Decorating Tips Anyone With Kids Should Include in Their Home

The way parents adjust, or not, their homes when the children arrive remains a topic open to debate. In one corner there are those who are determined that things will remain exactly as they have always been and in the other corner there are parents who think that some compromises should be made for safety sake or for their sanities sake – whichever corner you start from once children arrive in your home there some family friendly decorating tips we think you should include in your home or at least give some consideration to.




Include somewhere to display their art other than the fridge. You will get bombarded with art on a daily basis, so get your child to choose their favourite piece to include in a permanent display.



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Open up as much open floor space as possible for them to play; you may have to break the unsaid interior design rules for a few years and push the furniture back against the walls if don’t have much space.



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Constant verbal encouragement and visual words of wisdom via wall decals/chalk boards are a great idea.




There’s no getting away from the fact that children generate dirt! Use heavy duty outdoor mats indoors to catch the dirt and grime before it’s traipsed through the whole of your home.




It’s a no brainer that you really should opt for durable fabrics that can be sponged clean or thrown into the washing machine.



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Go for child friendly colours for fabrics rather than creams and whites.


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Include bean bags and pouffes in the living room; the kids will love them, they’re far easier for them to sit on and it will save them the effort of trying to scramble onto the sofa and chairs.


Include lots of stylish storage


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Have a dining room table so that you can spend some quality time together at every opportunity.


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You won’t be able to have item of furniture and every cupboard with a rounded, child safe corner (well, it is possible, but not in an average household!) so, be mindful of sharp corners, especially on coffee tables when toddlers are just starting to cruise around.



Choose window treatments that have style, function but don’t pose a danger. If you have blinds ensure they have child safety features. Curtains that pool onto the floor may look swish but they’re a real temptation for inquisitive minds to use as a means of climbing!


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Invest in well made furniture that can withstand being used as a trampoline!

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