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15 Things You Shouldn’t Have in Your Home Once You’re Over 40

Okay, so we’re all different at what’s one person’s pleasure is another’s pain so to speak! But there are some things that people over the age of 40 really should think about before they let them into their homes and plenty more that really should be shown the door!


1# Futons


Room Decorating Ideas

Futon may be space saving, however, they’re not that comfortable when you’re past a certain age, especially for sleeping on. Leave futons for the younger generations!


2# Posters that you had in your dorm


College Fashion

Try not to live in the past by plastering your walls with posters that you had in your dorm. If you want posters do it in a mature and adult way by going vintage and strategically placing them rather than plastering.


3# Pukey colours




Don’t use pukey colour just because you think they’re trendy!


4# Toilet seat covers and pedestal mats



If there’s one thing in home décor that will add years to the home owner it’s the inclusion of toilet seat covers and pedestal mats!


5# Old fashioned carpets


Ugly House Photos

With so many fabulous flooring options available don’t hang onto out-dated and old fashioned fitted carpets – they’re a thing of the past, let them go!


6# Inherited furniture that you hate


Abigails  Alcove

It may have been granny’s favourite piece but if it doesn’t fit in with your style of home and drives you mad every time you walk it then it’s time to let it go. The fond memories of granny will live on in your heart without the need for her inherited furniture.


7# Threadbare towels


Trip Advisor

There’s little need for threadbare towels when you’re past a certain age. Replace them, you don’t have to make a huge dent in your pocket doing so.


8# A glass collection from garage coupons


Kitchen Stewardship

If you’re over 40 ten you probably remember the days when you could get free drinking glasses by collecting coupons from certain petrol garages! If you still have these cheap glasses knocking around it’s time to get rid of them, unless you have an entire collection and then you never know they could be classed as vintage and worth a few bob!


9# Random knick-knacks


Al Life Less Awkward

You’ve lived long enough to have a massed your own collections of personal accessories; random knick-knacks don’t really serve any purpose but to gather dust.


10# Curtains that don’t fit



Trip Advisor

You have enough experience behind you to know that any window dressing has to fit properly. Bodged up simply won’t do once you’re over 40!


11# Inflatable furniture


Planet Retro

Inflatable furniture really should be left to the younger generations – all that huffing and puffing will lead to a heart attack if you’re not careful!


12# Beds in bags


Follow Pics

Beds in a bag are excellent for kid’s sleep overs, not for the over 40’s!


13# Christmas lights as bedroom décor


Izeko Hub Pages

Using Christmas lights as bedroom décor is for teens not for the over 40s.


14# Bean bags


Big Bean Bags

Only sit on a bean bag if you’re confident of getting up gracefully!


15# Let go of the princess theme



It may be hard but you really should have let go of the princess theme by now! Ask yourself ‘is it really fair on your other half?’


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