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Outrageously Lavish Living

Let’s face it some people have so much money they actually don’t know what to spend it on! They lavish it on themselves and their homes. To many it seems a complete waste, but if you’ve got it them why not spend it and flaunt it?


Home Create

Luxury living which oozes style and sophistication typically displays the best money can buy.



Soronko Style

Dining is an important part of lavish living and having a dining room that can accommodate plenty of people is incredibly important. No squishing around a small table where lavish living is concerned.




Big open space is all important, no matter what style of home it is.



Viral Feasts

Even the family camper van has to been kitted out with the best money can buy.



I Design Arch

Décor and colour scheme are chosen to reflect luxury. Black and white are extremely popular as they ooze refined luxury.



Ioprisoi Home Decor

A state-of-the-art en-suite bathroom is an absolute must-have.



Daily Mail

When money is no object you get to eat the most expensive cup cakes in the world.




All rich people have their own pool.



Room Decor Ideas

They also have fancy free standing baths, and as they don’t have to clean them they can have polished copper.


MJ Tuning - Exclusive Handmade Furniture WC Swarovski Wet Closet Diamond Edition

Room Decor Ideas

They can also have a loo studded with diamonds or crystals.



Ebaum’s World

And wipe their bottoms on gold-leaf toilet paper!



Static IBN Live

They can also indulge in a gold-leaf facial treatment.



Elite Daily

How about drinking tea from a diamond encrusted tea bag?



Yacht Critic

If you have an expensive yacht you should keep an eye on it with your own purpose built in-door marina.



Glam Grid

Surfing the net with the world’s most expensive mouse will probably mean nothing to those who have it all!




Wile away the hours sitting on this swing in a 308 million dollar penthouse in Monaco.



Sound and Vision

If you’re going to have your own hone theatre then have the very best money can buy.



Home Designing

One of the bathrooms in the most expensive home in the world – Mumbai India

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