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KISS The Best Interior Design Tips

KISS – the acronym Keep It Simple Stupid, isn’t meant to offend in this instance; it’s purely meant as a reminder that great interior design doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Just remember the less is more rule and you won’t go far wrong in most interior design schemes.




When you drool over interior design it’s probably the lack of clutter that’s doing it. One of the key points in any successful décor is to not have too much clutter. Always remember KISS and you won’t go far wrong.



The House That Can

Use a colour scheme that suits the style of your home.




Include unusual pieces that show your personality in a subtle, yet effective way.



Interior Decorating

Don’t be a fashion martyr – remember old and new fuse together well when you think about the design properly. It’s better to have modern next to classical than trying to make things match.



Tenka Chikara

Another good example of being a fashion martyr – you don’t have to put up a wall mural just because they’re trendy!



Knotting Hill Interiors

Avoid the temptation to overfill a room – no matter what ‘style name’ you try and give it, clutter is clutter and nothing will alter the fact!




KISS when it comes to using pattern. There’s such a thing as overload, so avoid it all all costs!



Rooms Togo

Choose furniture that fits into the room rather than squeeze it into a room. You need space to walk around furniture comfortably. Down size the furniture or use modular furniture if necessary.



NY Times

Choose a television that’s the right size for the room.



Decorating Plan

Remember to look down! The floor is an important part of your décor – use the principle of KISS to make it work for you.

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