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The Allure of French Farmhouse Décor

Maybe it’s the back to a slower and more relaxed pace of life that’s the allure of French farmhouse décor. Eating al-fresco, sipping wine as the sun goes down, tearing a piece from a crusty baguette, whatever your reasons there’s some stunning designs to be inspired by and use in your own French farmhouse – even if it is the middle of a bust English town or city.



Home Bunch

White walls and bleach wooden furnishings have all the hallmarks of French farmhouse style.




Calming colour schemes are essential – after all the French don’t like to be rushed! Greens, reds and creams are ideal for creating the right ambience.


charming-French-farmhouse-country-home-interior-desig-home-interior-decorating (3)

Interior Design Files

Tiled or stone floors are a must if you’re going to get the look right. You’ll never find fitted carpets in a French farmhouse.



Home Hunts

Rustic charm is the key – don’t try and over complicate things; use authentic furnishings to get the vibe right.



Alove of The Past

Even in the bathroom the colour scheme is soft and neutral so that it compliments the way of life and the building.




The French have a panache for displaying keepsakes; family is extremely important, so make it show via your accessories.



The Lennoxx

Renowned for romance, bedrooms also have a light and relaxed atmosphere, coupled with a unique charm that screams French, without the sexy boudoir!



Perfect DIY Ideas

The whole farmhouse theme is used throughout- even the children’s bedroom has a soft and rustic charm.



Interior Design Files

As some French farmhouses aren’t that big, it’s quite acceptable to hang coats in the living room – but only if they’re done so on a rustic coat rack. Storing shoes in wicker baskets keeps the theme authentic.



Prosa Trecos E Cacarecos

No French farmhouse is complete without an alfresco eating area. It doesn’t have to be high-tech, simplicity is perfect, just as long as you’re sharing a meal with people you love.

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