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Gender Friendly Interior Design

In these days of equality it seems that it’s longer okay to have décor which is dominated by the stereotypical colour schemes which separate the men from the girls. Gender friendly interior design are the buzz words on everyone’s lips – and rightfully so! There’s some fabulous colour combos to use that will keep even the most macho of men and the true feminists inspired.

Design Indulgences

Grey monochromatic colour schemes are the ideal gender friendly colour choice.. Furthermore include glacier grey and you’ll be bang on-trend.



Buzz Move

White is a neutral colour, making it gender neutral too.



Family Kitchens

Don’t like the starkness of brilliant white> Not a problem add a creamy ivory with natural wood and you’ll having a winning gender friendly colour combo that will suit any style of home and decorating motif.


The Art of Be Spoke

Classical black and white have been the mainstay of interior designers for decades. It’s always on-trend, with no quibbling over which gender it’s used for.



Megan Brooke Handmade Blog

Even if you have soft white/cream teamed with wood you can still inject colours such as orange, green or duck-egg blues without offending the opposite sex.




Spearmint Baby

The days of pink for girls and blue for boys in nurseries is diminishing fast – if you want a gender neutral colour that isn’t a sickly yellow opt for steel greys and white.



Build Direct

We’ve already seen that wood and white are gender friendly winners, adding a splash of red will give a room a touch of va-va-voom without upsetting the male-female ratios.

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