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25 Fabulous Home Accessories To Stay Indoors & Make During Winter

Keep yourself busy during the winter and make your own fabulous home accessories. You don’t have to be adept at any particular skill; there’s plenty of inspirational ideas for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

 Kaite Eats Cake

1. If you love knitting this Aran pattern chair cover will keep you busy through the winter.


Trend Hunter

2. Knitted lamp-shades will give a room a warm ambience.


House Beautiful

3. A chunky knit stool will make a usable addition to a country cottage or Scandinavian style home.


Lush Home

4. Simple bent spoons mounted of blocks of painted wood make a stylish places to hang things like keys.


Crochet Concupiscence

5. Crochet a tea cup and saucer for storing bits and bobs.



6. Collect small pieces of silver birch trunk while you’re out on a walk and then turn them into pretty tea-light holders.


Lush Home

7. Make hand-made clouds and suspend them in a child’s bedroom or in you meditation room.



8. Thread some large beads onto electric cord and make a stylish light.



9. If you come across a large disused wooden spool turn it into a book storage unit.


Good Housekeeping

10. Make wooden frames for photographs or mirrors.

Twisted Thread and Hook

11. Crochet a large pin-wheel play rug.


Oh Crafts

12. Make vases by covering bottles and jars with string.


DIY Cozy Home

13. Decoupage a tired looking filing cabinet or chest of draws.



14. Decoupage the risers on your stairs.

Design Pub

15. Make a side table from a stack of thin tree trunks.

Completely Coastal

16. Make a driftwood tea-light holder.

Fashion Tribes

17. Weave strips of magazine pages into waste paper baskets.

Fab And Fru

18. Drink lots of wine and then use the corks to make your own cork board!


19. Make a fruit bowl from old metal washers, nuts and bolts etc.

Student Beans

20. Strap a pile of magazines together with a couple of belts and make your own stool.

Shrimp Salad Circus

21. Make a Jenga style bookshelf.

Country Living

22. Create a trivet from pegs.

Lady Albania

23. Concertina magazine pages to make a clock dial.

Guinea Pig Cages

24. Make your guinea pig a new home from wood.

Trend Hunter

25. Craft an old book into a vase.

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