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For Parents

Finding Space for Your Kid’s Growing Collection of Toys

With Christmas barely a month ago there’s many parents who will be pulling their hair out wondering what an earth to do with the ever growing collection of toys their children have accumulated. With space at a minimum in many children’s bedrooms finding workable storage solutions can be a real hassle. Take a look at the ideas below, they’re sure to be a source of inspiration.


Interior Designable

Wire half moon planters make a child friendly alternative to shelving.

Consignment Mommies

Plastic storage crates secured to walls in a random fashion are ideal for storing all types of toys and books.


Kidspace Stuff

Older children may prefer to have their small toy collections on display when not being used.


Your Neighbourhood Toy Store

If your child’s bedroom is large enough this Ferris wheel is a fun way to store toys.


Toy Report

Storing bath toys can be difficult. This frog stuck on the wall has its own scoop that also becomes the frog’s body for storage.

Hello Wonderful

Displaying and storing soft toys can be a real nightmare, so why not make a swing for them to be displayed on?

DIY Inspired

A garden style hanging basket also makes a good storage space for soft toys.



Lego have come up with their own storage solution for their bricks.


Uncle Bobs

Alternatively use a storage bag that doubles up as a play mat to keep small toys, like Lego, all in one place.


Design Dazzle

A train track suspended from the ceiling is one way to free-up floor space – not sure how you’d actually play with it though.



These funky push-peg boards will hold any type of toy you want it to.



Plenty of open shelved storage is the perfect way to store toys – just make sure it’s sturdy enough to be climbed on without toppling over.

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