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12 Clever Ways to Get Organised in 2015

Never put off what you can do today; and today is Organise Your Home Day. De-cluttering and getting your home organised will leave you feeling inwardly satisfied and your home looking beautifully stylish. Easier said than done you may say, not when you take inspiration from our easy ways to get organised this year.


 Lush Home

A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, but they do need to be kept well organised to prevent a messy jumbled mess in the bottom of the wardrobe; or strewn over the floor. This circular storage unit is perfect and doesn’t take up too much space.


This Old House

The space under the stairs has historically been wasted. Open it up and to create a stylish storage space for books, toys…just about anything really!


Lush Home

Just because you have an electronic reading device doesn’t mean you have to throw out your book collection. Use a book storage solution that looks more like a piece of art to save them from extinction.


55 Laguna

Small kitchens can certainly benefit from clever storage ideas. This stunning country style dresser opens up to reveal plenty of storage space.


Diy Enthusiasts

Using your ceiling to hang ladders makes great space savings for pots, pans and kitchen paraphernalia.


Lush Home

Unusual furniture designs which incorporate sleeping bags are perfect for afternoon naps, impromptu guests and can even be used in studio apartments in place of a standard bed.



If you commute on a bike finding a convenient place to store it can be a problem; not when you hang it on the wall! It’s an easy yet effective way of keeping floors uncluttered.


Interior Designable

An elevated bed frees up floor space; while under seat draws are a classical method of storage in bedrooms.



Store your handbags by making a display on the back of a door.


Architecture Art Designs

Everyone needs bathroom storage – throw away those awful plastic shower tidies and use a vintage cake stand in its place – far more stylish.



No need to feel tired when working from home; simply take a cat nap in a bed that’s part of the wall!


Architecture Art Designs

Having a space in the wall for your wood stack is far more inviting to the eye than randomly piled logs.

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