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Plush Bed vs Pillow Top: 6 Techniques For Making The Perfect Choice

For those who dream of a cosy night’s sleep, there are an assortment of mattress that maybe the solution. Although with so many different ones to try from plush bed to the pillow top, it can be tricky narrowing your search down to just one. To help here are six techniques to help you make the perfect choice.

  1. Learn the difference between the two:A plush bed is a mattress type that provides both firmness and surface comfort giving the body enough support to enable it to naturally relax. A pillow top provides further comfort to the sleeper with its added cushioned layer partially stitched to the mattress top.
  2. Know a plush bed mattress good points: Plush mattresses are both durable and offer extra cushioned comfort to the sleeper during the night, giving both a firm yet comfortable balanced sleep.
  3. Know a pillow top mattress good points:  Pillow top mattresses are very much like a plush bed; however they have an additional stitched quilted cushion layer attached on top. They also lessen the amount of movement felt whilst turning during the night with a partner.
  4. Understand whether there are any bad points between the two:  Amongst the positives many mattress types can have their negative points. For example a pillow top mattress cannot be flipped to ensure even wear is applied to all areas of the mattress. This is because the cushioned stitched to the top would become compressed, also leaving an uncovered top layer to sleep on.
  5. Consider what kind of comfort and support you need:Plush bed and pillow top mattresses both have similar qualities in terms of comfort levels to offer a variety of sleepers.Although when it comes to choosing the right one for you, you need to consider what kind of comfort and support you need. For example due to the fact a plush bed is less cushioned than a pillow top this may lend well to different conditions such as chronic back pain , bodily ache, fibromyalgia and more.
  6. Evaluate the budget you have to spend: Investing in a mattress is quite a big investing for many and so it’s best to have in mind the type of budget you’re willing to spend overall. Knowing your budget will help you to understand the range of mattresses whether pillow top or plush bed that you’re able to achieve with your budget.  Remember also that a lower priced mattress doesn’t necessarily guarantee its good quality and is going to be a lasting long term investment to.
  7. Research and find feedback on the two types:  It’s better to know that little bit more about the mattress type you intend to buy before you make the investment. Therefore why not do a bit of research, reading up on a mix of plush and pillow top reviews online. This will help to better acknowledge the experiences others have had with the particular bed product you’re looking at, adding confidence to your purchase.
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