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10 Ways to Have a Girly Pink Christmas

If you’re a girly-girl making Christmas special is easy when you go pink. Every decoration, drink and food (if possible) and what your wear should be pink! If you want to go pink this Christmas we have some fabulous ideas to inspire.


Our Life In Action

#Number 1: A pink Christmas tree is an absolute must.


Hannah Shanks

#Number 2: A home-made table decoration that’s pink and fluffy.


Make Me Cake

#Number 3: All Christmas biscuits should have pink icing.


Nails Art Gallery

#Number 4: Christmas nail artwork.


Pix Good

#Number 5: All present should be wrapped in pretty pink paper.


Dish Maps

#Number 6: Only drink pink cocktails.



#Number 7: Your stocking should be pink and sparkly.


Lights 4 Fun

#Number 8: Your fairy lights must be pink.


Cake Picture Gallery

#Number 9: Your Christmas cake has to have pink icing.


Frauleinh Blog

#Number 10: Your door wreath should not only be pink but sparkly too.

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