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Awesome Holiday Décor For Men

Think Christmas décor is to feminine or even childish? Think again because there’s some fabulous holiday décor which is perfect for men too. Whether you want to show your own artistic flair and make your own or want the easy option and go for ready-made, either way you’re going to love what’s on offer!


How To Recycle

Make your own festive door wreath from empty beer or larger cans.


Susan Gaylord

Looking for a no-nonsense tree? Pile open books so that their pages become the branches.



Give your mouse a Santa hat!


Insert Witty Comment

A fibre optic tree may seem like an easy option, but the effect is quite good.


Not On The High Street

If you feel obliged to have a tree and don’t want the hassle of a real one or can’t bear the thought of all the twiddly ornaments, simply use old pieces of wood to make a basic tree shape and stick a star on the top!



String a paper chain and a couple of cards from your stepladder to make an impromptu tree that is actually quite chic.


Good House Keeping

Got a draw full of old ties? Turn them into a door wreath.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you’re going to wear a festive jumper wear one that has all the whistles and bells – the tackier the better!



If you’re into electronics a metal tree shape with coloured light bulbs make a stylish alternative to a real tree.


Two Men And A Little Farm

Save your old wine bottles and recycle them into a Christmas tree.



Not On The High Street

There’s lots of wall stickers of Christmas trees to make your life easy – less mess than a real tree as well.

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