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The Perils Of Bed In Breakfast: How To Remove Food Stains From Your Mattress

Just imagine it now, the weekends finally here and you’re lay in bed on that early Saturday morning as your better half bring you breakfast in bed. All seems too good to be true until you accidentally slop half your baked beans down the front of your pyjamas and there are buttered toast crumbs and egg stains on your mattress such are the perils of breakfast in bed.


However before panic sets in as to how you’re going to remove the evidence of your clumsiness before your better half finds out. There are in fact some easy methods of removing food stains for such occasions where your munchies in bed turn into a bit of a food mess and here they are.

  1. First of all understand what type of stain you’re dealing with whether it’s a splash of fresh orange juice or butter stains from your toast,  knowing exactly what caused the stain will help you better understand how to fix it.
  2. For juice or tea stains the best thing to do is soak up the liquid that’s soaked the area of the mattress with paper towels and remove as much moisture as possible. Then using a clean cloth slightly dampened with watered down dish washing soap and carefully blot the mattress to remove the fresh stain.
  3. For tougher food stains you can purchase special Fabric stain remover and spraying a layer of the cleanser onto the mattress use a damp clean cloth to clean the area once the stain remover has set in.
  4. To make your own homemade stain remover simply take a table spoon of baking soda and water to mix it into a bubbling paste. Once the paste is bubbling away apply it to the stained area of your mattress and the baking soda should lift the stains out of fabric. When it’s done wipe away the remaining paste with a clean damp cloth and leave to dry.

    Now that you’ve successfully managed to remove all those sloppy breakfast stains from your mattress, you may find there’s food odours left embedded that leaves it not smelling so sweet.  An easy way to solve this is by taking some baking soda (dry) and mixing it with a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil. Then sift it over the area of your mattress, leave it for 30 minutes and simply vacuum it clean afterwards.

    If you’re slightly unsure as to which cleaning method would best suit your own mattress, it may be a good idea to approach the manufacturers website for recommended cleaning tips for your mattresses make. To help prevent future stains during those much needed breakfasts in bed, you can easily apply a waterproof protective cover over your mattress. Using it will make it even easier to wipe clean preventing anymore unwanted breakfast stains seeping through to your mattress.

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