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Mattress Life Expectancy: How Long Should Your Mattress Really Last?

We’d all love it if the things we buy in everyday life would last that little bit longer. Big investments take a lot of saving, so when it comes to purchasing your own mattress you may be wondering just how long will it really last.  So to answer your question and put your mind at ease before bed, here’s a helpful guide to fill you in on a mattresses life expectancy and how long they will really last.

How long is my mattress meant to last?

Initially most mattresses have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years before you need to reinvest in a replacement.  Whether you purchase a spring based, foam or other specific type of mattress most manufacturer’s guarantees state that each mattress produced is set to last a number of years giving you confidence in your purchase. However it’s actually also how you care for and condition your mattress that will make it a longer lasting investment.


How can I help extend the life of my mattress?

Well believe it or not there are actually a few ways in which you can care for and condition your mattress to keep it in good shape and quality. By implementing these small changes you can extend its life and keep it looking as good as new and here are some ways you can do that.

    1. Choose the right bed type for your mattress: The type of bed base and frame you have influences the condition of your mattress due to the support it gives. Placing a mattress on the wrong type of bed can cause points in the mattress to press between slats, affecting its overall quality and structure over time. So it’s important to look into the type of bed that will best benefit both yourself and your mattress.
    2. Turning your mattress:  Turning your mattress every 3 months will help to even out its usage and the amount of pressure you put on it. As you or a partner sleep on the mattress areas of it will begin to wear, so you can do to keep it in tip top shape by taking 10 minutes to flip it over.
    3. Be strict on your mattress uses:Though it’s very tempting to use a bed and mattress as a make shift homemade trampoline, its primary use and purpose is for sleeping. Doing things such as this could damage your mattresses interior structure affecting its overall quality and life. So as tempting as it maybe try your best to keep the kids from hoping on the mattress.

  1. Protect and preserve your mattress: You can purchase both in store and online specially made mattress protectors that enable you to cover your mattress protecting it from water damage or stains.
  2. Clean your mattress regularly:  Lastly take the time to clean your mattress regularly, vacuum away any dirt or dust. However avoid using cleaning chemicals on your mattress as this may damage the materials in the mattress itself.
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