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King Bed vs Queen Bed: 6 Ways To Make Your Choice

When you’re given a choice in your bed purchase whether to choose a queen or king size bed, it’s understandable that many of you might feel a bit baffled at the difference and benefits between the two. On the outside both queen and king size beds are quality products appealing to any bed buyer who longs with a bit of extra bed space. However to simplify things making your bed purchase experience and decision making even easier, here are six ways to help you make your choice.


  1. Know the difference between a queen and king size bed:  When considering which bed investment to make, it’s better to know the difference between the two bed types. Queen size beds measure at 120cm x 190cm and a standard king size bed is slightly larger measuring at 150cm x 200cm (though each bed product may vary due to manufacture).
  2.  Understand the bedroom space you have: It’s important to consider the room you will be placing your bed in. Whether you’re dressing a small double room or larger master bedroom it’s important to ensure your bed investment fits perfectly yet doesn’t also overwhelm the space.
  3.  What type of bed would best suit your body: Certain beds maybe more ideal if you or a partner are taller sleepers. This is so that the length and width of the bed fully supports both the body and overall height during a restful night’s sleep.
  4.  Understand whether you need more bed space:  Consider whether you require more bed space to achieve a more peaceful and restorative night’s sleep. Do you have a partner you share a bed space with and if so consider how much space during the night you both may need to sleep comfortably.
  5.  How flexible is your bed investment budget:  Even though the idea of having that bit more space in bed sounds all too good to be true, you have to be sure your bed investment budget can stretch to afford the bed you need. Compared to a queen size bed a king size bed and mattress to accompany it will no doubt cost more to invest in than a queen size, making a queen size the more affordable option.

  6. Is bedding a key interest after your purchase:  There’s nothing better after bringing your bed home than dressing it up to really finish off the look and feel of your bedroom. Although understand that with a larger bed such as a king size the price of bedding will be higher than queen size bedding due to the amounts of fabric used.  So you may need a bigger budget when purchasing fitted sheets, top sheets, duvet covers or quilts to embellish your newly purchase bed and mattress.
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