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7 Reasons To Flip Your Mattress and Flipping Techniques To Try Yourself

It’s often easy to forget whilst balancing our everyday to do’s and crazy lives that flipping our mattress is pretty important. It’s recommended that any mattress whether spring based, foam and more be flipped every three months to not only keep your mattress in shape but to also enable you to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer giving you the perfect night’s sleep. So here are seven reasons and techniques as to why you should flip your mattress and give it a try yourself.



  1. First of all flipping your mattress can actually to help extend its life and condition hence making your mattress last longer as an investment. Due to the fact that by flipping it your alternating between different sides of the mattress evening out its wear over time.
  2. Secondly you can gain more comfort from your mattress by flipping it as the surface of your mattress over time can lose its cushioning and plump feel.
  3. Taking the time to flip your mattress can reduce the chance of potential back pain or bodily aches you may feel after a night’s sleep.
  4. Flipping can also prevents sagging in your mattress because your evening out the amount of weight added onto different sides of your mattress over time.
  5. Turning your mattress can prevent loosening of springs, keeping them in good condition for maximum support to all pressure points of your body whilst you sleep.
  6. Flipping your mattress will help it settle into your bed frame more easily especially if the mattress itself is new.
  7. The last reason to flip Prevents compression of your mattress, as you sleep on it the mattress itself can mould your shape meaning it may struggle to regain its shape and offer you support.

If you want to attempt flipping your own mattress to get into the swing if things here’s an easy to follow step by step bed flipping technique to help get you started.


  1. Depending on the size and weight of your mattress you may need the help of another person to flip it easily.
  2. To begin be sure you’ve removed all bed linen, pillows and sheets from the mattress itself.
  3. Both standing on opposite sides of the mattress, firmly hold either edges of the mattress and flip it 180 degrees setting it firmly back in place on your bed.
  4. Ensure each corner of the mattress is comfortably in place within the bed frame and then add fresh linen to your mattress and you’re done.

Bear in mind that if you have a pillow top mattress then flipping maybe a bit of a problem for you. Due to the fact the extra cushioning is attached to the top of the mattress it wouldn’t be beneficial for you to turn it. However all you have to do is simply rotate your mattress as opposed to flipping it.

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