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15 Christmas Table Decorations Anyone Can Do

Are you up for a challenge this Christmas? Do you want to make a table decoration and need some inspiration? If you do you’re going to love some of these table decorations. They won’t take you long and you’ll see that most are far better than some you can buy. Be inspired to try something new, you’ll be glad you made the effort!




What could be easier than turning a wine glass up-side-down, putting a little sprig of holly inside and placing a red tea light on the top – how easy is that? Further more it looks amazing. If you don’t want the hassle of trying to find real holly you could always use plastic – although the effect may not be quite the same.



Homes Decor

One rectangular wicker basket, greenery, three clear glass tubular vases and some red berries. Arrange the neatly and voilà one instant table decoration to be proud of. Don’t forget that display always look best using odd number rather than even – 3s and 5s work particularly well.



A Beach Cottage

Neatly folded napkins tie with a strip of cloth, tuck a sprig of rosemary and a cinnamon stick in each and place on your Christmas table. It’s best to use linen napkins but paper ones would work just as well.



Aldo Vega

This table centre piece looks spectacular but is easy to make. Stud small oranges or tangerines with cloves, place on a cake stand, intersperse with a little greenery and berries for a stunning table decoration that smells really festive. You could be adventurous and use lemons and or limes as well.



Love me Love My Wedding



This must be the easiest table decoration on the planet. Use pretty tea cups and place a pine cone inside – that’s all there is too it!



Trunkfull Of Treasure

Fill a glass bowl with Christmas baubles to get a festive look that’s so easy even children could do it.




Save squabbling as to where your guests sit use a pine cone as a name place holder.




Place small branches or twigs in a clear, washed, jam jar and hang little shop bought ornaments from it.





Simply tie pieces of tinsel round the stem of a wine glass.



Juxta Post

Tie two candy canes together with ribbon to make a pretty place card holder.



The Bloom In Couch

Forage for some twigs, cut them the same size and tie them together to make a holder for tea lights; a little ivy wrapped round finishes the look.




Choose a pretty serving style dish, pack it with ice, add a few small pine cones and two bottles of wine – a perfect centre piece which is practical too.




Fill a clear glass vase (¾ full) with water pop in some small Christmas baubles and then use floating to candles to keep them submerged and complete the look.





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